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Heat Plan Greater Copenhagen deals with the future district heating in Greater Copenhagen. The analysis was initiated by the major heating companies in Greater Copenhagen, CTR, HOFOR and VEKS. The study has been carried out by these companies, assisted by the consultancy Ea Energy Analyses.


The study consists of three stages: VPH1, VPH2 and VPH3.



The third stage was initiated in November 2012 and finished in October 2014. The purpose was to analyse and adapt the major investments to be made in grid and production the next 10 to 15 years and to analyse and quantify the possibilities for cooperation between the district heating system and an electricity system with increasing amounts of wind.


See the presentation Heat Planning for the Greater Copenhagen area

from the ETSAP workshop, November 2014


The second stage was finished in September 2011. The purpose was to pursue the opportunities for a CO2-neutral heat supply by 2025.



The first stage was finished in September 2009.
The analyses showed that renewable energy can cover more than 70 percent of district heating supplies in Greater Copenhagen from as early as 2015. This can be achieved without negative economic consequences. There are two main factors that make it possible. First, there is a scope for converting the fuel at the existing large combined heat and power plants from coal to biomass, and second, there are opportunities for exploiting the increasing volumes of waste in highly efficient incineration plants, which produce both electricity and heat.


Download an English version of the dissemination newsletter Climate-friendly district heating for the future. The newsletter gives an overview of the scenarios, the results of the study and the next steps towards implementation.


See a short presentation of the results District Heating in Greater Copenhagen